"Dday 2016 Info - June 13-18, 2016"

So you decided to attend Oklahoma D-Day 2016 with the CEF. Congrats on making the smart choice. Below is some important information to help you get started on making Oklahoma D-Day one of the BEST week of paintball you will ever play. 

""Shine wars" moonshiners vs. Revenue agents"

April 19, 2014
Michael James will be the XO of the moonshiners, and your local CEF contact for any questions..

"Fulda Gap 2014"


"The Battle of Little Powderhorn"

August 2-3, 2014 - The Battle of Little Powderhorn Scenario Paintball Game - Colorado

"Supergame 49"

CEF Events Page

SuperGame Trailer

"Staargate 2014 "

September 13/14 2014 - Staargate

"Sennybridge 2014"

July 12/13 2014 - Sennybridge

"The Citadel 2014"

May 9/10/11 2014 - The Citadel, Givet


March 8/9 2014 - ZombieLand - Oakwood Theme Park Pembrokeshire

"March 29, 2014 - Tour of Duty 03 "Revenge of the Fallen" "

More info soon

"August 31, 2014 - Tippmann Challenge Australia"

more info soon

Commonwealth High Tea 2011

Here we have the CEF High Tea from DDAY 2011.

"Glossary of Terms"



Welcome to the DDAY FAQ, a place to answer questions about playing with the CEF at DDAY, the biggest game in the world!
If you have any questions that weren't answered in this FAQ, please contact us immediately at www.facebook.com/CEFPaintball/ so we can add them into the list! Thanks

Here are some general Questions & Answers for all you first timers to D-Day who will be playing with the Commonwealth Expeditionary Forces.




Here you will find a list of AAR's (After Action Reports) from various Commonwealth units and sources. If you'd like to have an AAR posted, let one of the webmasters know.

User Pages

Welcome to the CEF Login Page
If you are new to the CEF, please read the FAQ pages to learn how to Join the CEF.

"Recruitment Forum Links"

CEF Recruitment Threads from around the world. If you have a CEF Recruitment thread started, please contact TBS_Souter, to add to the list.. 

"CEF Membership"

To all future Recruits. Please contact the commander of the unit you wish to join. Which can be found under the Units tab. From now until D-Day 2015, you should play with any CEF members in your area in as many events as you can.

Please fill out the CEF DataBase, please fill in the form as best as possible, and please include any real world skills in the remarks box.